Vision and Mission


BEG AD aims to develop into a serious factor in the energy sector by expanding its portfolio in investment projects related to energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and sustainable development, which in addition to contributing to the energy development of the country, will significantly participate in solving the problem of air pollution, with an emphasis on the city of Skopje.

Our goals:

  • Efficient district heating system, through the use of renewable energy, waste heat, heat from cogeneration or a combination thereof;
  • Integration of the distribution network on the territory of the City of Skopje
  • Connecting new users, increasing the density of heat consumption capacity and expanding the hot water network that we manage in the area of ​​the City of Skopje;
  • Introduction of a solar system for central supply of sanitary hot water in newly built buildings, which will give the citizens a modern, competitive and environmentally superior way of heating;
  • Heat losses in the distribution network not greater than 7% by 2040.

The constant efforts for quality, improvement of the level of professional attitude of the employees and their continuous education, as well as implementation of energy efficient solutions will contribute to higher positioning of BEG AD on the energy market.

The mission of BEG AD is to maintain and improve the process of electricity and heat production, as well as to continuously contribute to the maintenance of a stable energy system of Republic of North Macedonia. Achieving the vision is possible through dedicated professional work with efficient utilization of resources, and support from local self-government and related institutions in the process the implementation of projects that will contribute to a significant reduction of pollution in the city of Skopje and sustainable development. Additionally, given that the Company is customer oriented, improvement of customers’ trust is of the highest priority and importance for the Company. Professionalism, quality and efficiency in fulfilling obligations result in satisfied customers. In that regard is also the mission of the company, related to the dedicated continuous improvement of  electricity and heat production in order to provide a reliable, energy efficient and highly environmentally friendly energy source for consumers.